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Custom Solutions

Every day, companies in the aerospace and automotive industries trust E-Tech’s dedication to precision to meet their special applications. They need a custom fastening solution specific to their manufacturing process that will increase efficiency and save money.

Our experienced team is committed to helping our customers meet their specific needs and solve their particular problems.

  • Torque requirements
  • Automation compatibility
  • Workflow improvements
  • Special traceability needs
  • Production time reduction
  • Extreme durability



5 Lug Multi Tool Grey BG

Multi-Lug Run Down Tool

Challenge: Reduce time to run down multiple lugs
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Application: Wheel Lug Fastening


Fastening Multi-tool

Multi-Fastener Seat Tool

Challenge: Save time and money using one tool to run multiple fastening attachments
Industry: Automotive Manufacturing
Application: Seat installation


Torque Multiplier 4

Torque Multiplier

Challenge: Increase output torque of various tools
Industry: Various
Application: Wide range


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