Multi-Fastener Seat Tool

Our customer came to us needing one tool that could run multiple operations with various-sized fasteners. We designed a multiple head attachment that empowered them to do it all – with just one tool.  



Industrial Multi Fastener Seat Tool

The Challenge

  • Seat installation
  • Torque fasteners to spec (65NM)
  • Save money by using one fixtured tool to run multiple fastening attachments
  • Save time by using the same fixture for multiple operations on varying sized fasteners (12mm & 14mm)


Fastening Multi-tool


  • Multiple head attachment
  • Allows fastening of multiple, varied fasteners
  • Designed to perform the required operations using a pivoting fixture
  • Allows for cost-saving by employing the same tool for multiple operations
  • Saves time by performing multiple operations with the same fixture
  • Reduces cycle times by eliminating the need to change sockets
  • Provides error proofing of the customer application.




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