Dual Spindle Tool

The dual spindle attachment was designed and engineered to solve multiple requirements.  Our solution addressed how to simultaneously fasten multiple bolts to final torque specifications, allow for different bolt heights, and provide clearance to allow for multiple power tools to be used concurrently.



Dual Spindle Assembly 4

The Challenge

  • Concurrently torque multiple bolts to final specifications 
  • Allow for differing bolt heights
  • Address clearance issues
  • Allow for the simultaneous use of multiple power tools 


Dual Spindle Tool


  • Multiple head / multiple tool fixture
  • Allows for simultaneous fastening of bolts to final torque specifications
  • Saves time by performing multiple operations with the same fixture
  • Floating sockets allow for concurrent tightening of bolts of varying heights
  • Fixture positions attachments and tools to solve clearance issues




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