Custom Tubenut With Hold Option

The Custom Tubenut attachment was designed and engineered to solve a unique requirement.  Our solution addressed how to tighten fasteners to final torque specifications of 75 Nm for a suspension application.  Employing the use of a tubenut attachment was necessary to allow for an electrical sensor wire that ran through the fastener.  Additionally, torsion springs were used on the hold option where a traditional coil spring could not be used.



Suspension 123

The Challenge

  • Torque fasteners to final torque
  • Allow for a sensor wire to run through the fastener
  • Employ non-traditional spring on the hold option


Tubenuts 123


  • Custom Tubenut
  • Allows for tightening of components to final torque specifications
  • Tubenut allows for electrical connection through the fastener 
  • Torsion spring on hold option




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