Custom Tubenut

The Custom Tubenut attachment was designed and engineered to solve multiple requirements. The tool needed to be able to apply final torque fastening power as well as being flexible enough to install various sized fasteners in order to save time and money.  Additionally, the application required a sensor to be integrated into the attachment to help return the output gear to the home position.



Diesel Engine

The Challenge

  • Torque multiple fasteners to final torque
  • Install various sized fasteners with the same tool and attachment
  • Employ interchangeable output gears
  • Integrate a sensor to return the attachment to the home position in an application where a traditional pawl would not work.


pawl hall tool


  • Custom Tubenut
  • Allows for tightening of components to final torque specifications
  • Saves time by fastening various sized components with the same tool and attachment
  • Integrated hall sensor allows provides mechanism for the attachment to determine home position
  • Integrated handle mount to allow for better ergonomics
  • Interchangeable output gears




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