HI-LOK ™ Attachments

hi-lok Attachment

HI-LOK ™ attachments are trademark of the of the HI-Shear Corporation. At E-tech are referred to as frangible collar attachments or tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Split Housing Design - Allows for strong “I Beam” type construction to minimize deflection under load.
  • Heat-Treated Housing - Reduced wear and extends life.
  • Stepped Axle - Positive containment of gear axles eliminate axle movement.
  • Bearing Construction - Needle bearing support for input and idler gears.
  • Output Gear Bearing Design - Optimized design with radial and thrust support to reduce heat and extend life.

Maintenance & Service

  • Traceability - Model, Order a number and Serial number engraved on each attachment.
  • Torx Head Cap Screws - Allows for repair without “stripping” of traditional hex head screws.
  • Lubrication - External grease fittings allows for preventative maintenance.
  • Threaded Input Housing - Allows for service of input drive area.




**HI-LOK ™ is a registered trademark of the HI-Shear Corporation. We are not affiliated with the HI-Shear Corporation.

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